The Best Locations for Your Office Plants

Indoor office plants can help boost productivity and improve employee morale. But where are the best locations to place them? While you can realistically place plants anywhere in your office, some areas are better than others. Read on to learn more:

Access to sunlight

Many plants need sunlight in order to grow and flourish. While some like snake plants or pothos can tolerate low-light conditions, others will need direct or indirect sunlight. Placing your plants near a west, east, or south facing window will ensure that they get the requisite sunlight that they need.

Front entrance

Plants create a calming and relaxing presence. Not only that, but they also add to your overall aesthetic. What better place to enhance the aesthetics of your office than the front entrance? This will be where employees, business partners, and guests get their first impression of your business. By decorating the front entrance with plants, you can give off a professional appearance.

Around desks

Plants can increase our productivity and create a sense of calm, but that’s only possible if the plants are nearby. Whether you have an open-concept office or cubicles, try placing a few plants around your employees’ desks.

In meeting rooms

Our desks aren’t the only places that we do work. We also spend quite a bit of time in meeting rooms. Placing a few plants either on the table or in the corners can have the same effects as placing them near desks.

Foliage Design Systems has plenty of indoor plants that can be placed anywhere in your office. Contact us today to learn more!

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