The Best Indoor Plants for Your Office

Office life doesn’t have to be bleak and boring. You can spice up your office with an array of beautiful indoor plants. Even if your office doesn’t have access to much direct sunlight, there are still many low-light plants that can fill your space.

Here are some of the best indoor plants that will flourish in an office setting:

Snake Plant

Snake plants are one of the hardiest, toughest plants out there. They can withstand minimal sunlight and neglectful watering all the while continuing to grow strong. These plants can range in size, but they’re typically best placed on a desk or end table.


Also known as Devil’s Ivy, pothos plants can tolerate low-light areas extremely well. They also require little watering and can survive even if you forget to water them. When given everything they need, these plants will grow and spread as far as they are allowed. Many individuals enjoy hanging pothos plants from the ceiling and seeing their vines weave down towards the floor or across the wall.


Bamboo plants require very little light in order to grow. Plus, their larger size makes them great décor options in workspaces or corners. They provide a fresh and minimalist look that will appeal to many modern businesses. Smaller bamboo plants can even be shaped and molded into different designs.

Peace lily

Similar to baboo, the peace lily is a larger plant that can brighten up your space. During the spring and summer months, white flowers will bloom and the catch the eye of every visitor. These plants also have air purifying qualities that will truly make an impact in your office space. You’ll want to keep the peace lily out of direct sunlight, but in an area that still gets some filtered, indirect light.


Finally, there’s the ficus plants. These plants love the sunshine, so they’re best for areas of your office that are bathed in light. They also need little maintenance, thriving when provided with several days of dry soil.

Foliage Design System can help you select and care for your indoor office plants. To learn more, contact us today!

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