3 Basic Tips to Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive

You’ve found the perfect indoor plant for your office. You water it, you give it sunlight, but then one day you come into the office and notice it’s half-dead. What did you do wrong? This scenario is all too common, but thankfully, there are ways to prevent it. Below are three basic tips that will help you keep your indoor office plants alive and thriving.

Check your plant’s water requirements

Many people mistakenly believe that all plants need lots of water in order to survive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While some plants do indeed not a lot of water, others can go days or weeks without a drop. If you’re watering your plant every day and notice it’s wilting, then chances are you’re overwatering it, not underwatering it. Research online to see how much water your plant needs and how much you should let the soil dry out.

See how much (or how little) sunlight it needs

Just as plants can differ on how much water they need, they can also differ on how much sunlight they need. Some plants will thrive in bright, direct sunlight; others need ample shade in order to survive. Once again, do your research and find out what kind of sunlight your plant requires. You will typically find these four sunlight requirements:

  • Full Sun
  • Partial sunlight or shade
  • Full shade or low light
  • Bright indirect light

Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize

A final reason why your indoor plants are dying is because they don’t have enough fertilizer. Just like us, plants need food to grow. Fertilizer is the best form of plant food around. How often you apply fertilizer will vary, as some plants need it every month while others only need it during their growing season. Just as you did with the water and sunlight requirements, do some research on your particular plant species to find out the optimal time to add in fertilizer.

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